Final Fantasy XIV: PS5 Beta is Live

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Final Fantasy XIV: PS5 Beta is Live

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The PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix's popular MMORPG, just entered open beta this week. It is available to all players who have a copy of the game for PlayStation 4 or are currently running the free trial with their account and comes with a number of benefits offered by the most powerful hardware. From super fast loading times to sharper visuals, Final Fantasy XIV can now take full advantage of the PlayStation 5 instead of simply running the PlayStation 4 version through backwards compatibility.

The owners of the PS4 version can experience the entire MMORPG in the beta. There are no restrictions in terms of content.

Resolutions: 4K (2160p) / WQHD (1440p) / Full HD (1080p). Depending on the capabilities of your television, the resolution is then scaled accordingly.
Performance: The resolutions WQHD (1440p) and Full HD (1080p) run at 60 FPS. In 4K, the frame rate should be around 40 FPS. In areas with many players, however, according to Square Enix, you can still expect a stable 30 FPS. It is not yet possible to say how this will affect the fighting. More FPS can help make faster combos increase the damage you deal.
UI: The UI benefits from the higher resolution. AI tools also improve the resolution of the icons. This should make the user interface appear much sharper. This way you will recognize the symbols more quickly.
Shorter loading times: Thanks to the PS5's SSD, you can travel faster through the game world. This shortens the waiting time, especially when teleporting between areas. In addition, the login is to be revised, which will make it faster to register for the game.
DualSense controller: Haptic feedback is supported. For example, you can feel the stomping of mounts through the controller and the limit rush can also be felt. Square Enix would like to get feedback from players here in order to support even more functions of the DualSense controller in the future.
3D audio: You can hear much more precisely where noises are coming from. If you turn the camera, the location of the noises changes. For example, you can better see from which side you are being attacked.

Open Beta without limits
What exactly does open beta mean? This is a beta version (i.e. still in progress) of the game open to all those who want to participate, whose purpose is to test the engine and the game mechanics, but also the answers of the community, so that it can possibly be modified before publication. .

The frame rates are silky smooth at full HD resolution, which is exactly the sort of smooth I like them to be. Square Enix says that at 4K resolution in crowded places the frame rate dips but always stays above 30, but as someone who prefers a faster lower-resolution monitor, everything is buttery on my screen.

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